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Digisoft Education is a product company which delivers niche digital products for emerging markets. The company provides education platforms to support digital learning resources. It specialises in the development of cutting edge, digital, interactive communication solutions for environments facing challenges to their electricity or connectivity. The company is headquartered in London.


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It is widely agreed that universally accessible, high-quality education is key to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for developing regions. Providing universal primary education is itself the second Millennium Development Goal.

A strong education system is also key to realizing other goals, such as the elimination of poverty, gender inequity, and widespread health problems. Countries eager to achieve these goals are increasingly looking to ICT – or Information and Communication Technology – to revamp their education systems. ICT-based solutions hold out the promise of connecting impoverished schools with the rest of the world, bringing fresh new content into classrooms and engaging individual students with media-rich interactive lessons.

However, implementing ICT-based education solutions to achieve both universal access and high quality education faces major challenges. These include a general lack of ICT infrastructure (Internet access and electricity), large class sizes, a shortage of qualified teachers, a shortage of and minimal distribution of locally created content, and few financial resources. Compounding each of these issues is the urgency to achieve solutions today.


One of the overriding concerns in meeting education targets is that while one is waiting for long term changes to be implemented, children and communities fall behind, and many will never catch up. Educational technology initiatives in Africa should certainly strive to achieve long term results, but should also include realistic, immediately deployable solutions that can serve schools and students now, while providing a pathway to a future with improved infrastructure and access.

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The DCS system gives users the flexibility to deliver any kind of educational content in the remotest of environments. It’s made specifically to bridge the digital divide by playing content where there is no electricity or connectivity. You can play HMTL5
interactive content, education games and create office documents, play video lessons, or just show PDF or PowerPoint presentations. You can also use the system as a resource carrying searchable databases such as Wikipedia and Khan Academy so that you can search them offline.

Think of it as a computer and a projector all in one.

So whether you are doing outreach health education,
agricultural education, school or community based education this platform can deliver the best of educational content in a small portable package.