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Supporting Global Education and Training

Digisoft Education is a social impact company, set up to develop products and solutions which deliver education and training in countries which face infrastructure challenges.

Because Education is Everything

In every continent, education is vital and at every level of society. At school level, it lays the foundation for improved career prospects, for the elimination of poverty and for increased GDP. It also impacts the health of communities. Health education, advising on best health practices for families and communities, reduces national mortality rates, increases health and life expectancy. Meanwhile, adult training is also crucial. 

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Because ICT Is Vital To Education and Training

Today, ICT is a vital tool for delivering extensive, quality curricula content in schools. In adult training, ICT enables more information to be disseminated to greater numbers, and more efficiently.


Specialists in educational IT products, the company has developed a suite of niche communications products capable of delivering interactive online functionality, in offline & off-grid environments.

We offer a suite of cutting edge, digital, interactive communication solutions for environments facing challenges to their electricity or connectivity. 


Digisoft Education is a UK-based technology solutions provider, with Irish sister company providers of IPTV Broadcast technology.

The DCS system gives users the flexibility to deliver any kind of educational content in the remotest of environments. It’s made specifically to bridge the digital divide by playing content where there is no electricity or connectivity. You can play HMTL5
interactive content, education games and create office documents, play video lessons, or just show PDF or PowerPoint presentations. You can also use the system as a resource carrying searchable databases such as Wikipedia and Khan Academy so that you can search them offline.

Think of it as a computer and a projector all in one

So whether you are doing outreach health education,
agricultural education, school or community based education this platform can deliver the best of educational content in a small portable package.

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