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The DCS H10 Lockbox Kit

There are six items that make up the DCS Kit, all in a sturdy lockbox. It's made for NGOs, teachers, and extension workers who want to bring the best education they can to their communities. 

Think of it as a computer you can show to large audiences, show any image, any document or android app or any video.

Edit, delete, add, import, download, browse and teach.


The projector is a 2000 lumen DLP projector. It runs Android 6, and the DCS 5.4 software interface. This is important because has a server inbuilt  that allows you to run offline apps like Khan Academy, Access Agriculture and Wikipedia. It has WIFI, an Ethernet port, two USB Ports, Audio, Micro SD slot, Bluetooth, UShare, HDMI and AV ports.  



Model: MS-DCS220
Battery: Li-on 222wh 500 cycles
Solar In: 14.SV 5.5A Max., 2 x ANDERSON
AC In: 16.SV 5A Max. 1 x DC5521
USB output: 2 x USB 5V 2A
DC output: 2 x 12V/5A Max.; 15V/4A Max.; 19V4A
Size: 130"130"185mm
Net weight: 2.2kg
Gross weight: 3.58kg
Accessory: 1"AC charging cable


Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

Full Keyboard - Ultra-slim ergonomic wireless 2.4 GHz keyboard with built in laser trackball. Designed for use in standing presentation environments, it includes a trackball for mouse movement and a full keyboard for text entry. The keyboard connects to the projector wirelessly via a USB dongle. Keyboard powered by 2 x AA batteries.



Waterproof IPX6, Dustproof, Shockproof BlueTooth 4.1, Hands Free Aux-in, Output power 2 *4 W

Frequency Response : 120Hz-20kHz

Receiving Range : 10 M

Power Supply : DC 5V

Battery Capacity : 2200mAh

Operating Time : *Hrs

Charging time : 3 to 4 hours

Size : 72.7 x 217.5 mm

Solar Charger

100 Watt, 5V, 12V, 16V, 19V , USB, Micro USB, Mini USB, Dual USB, DC5521 etc. (optional), 360*285*54.0mm, 1150*740*22mm, 2960g,
Built-in a solar controller for directly charging the iPhones or iPads etc

Comes with accessories including


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