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It’s main function is to support educators, who have a lack of power or connectivity, with a system that offers complete independence from the grid but gives you all the functionality of an online system. We say “Go Anywhere Teach Anything”.

A brief description would be as follows; “the user can use this mini projector like a computer and projector in one”, so for instance the user can run office applications on the system. The projector comes with a keyboard and a remote control. The user can also download and run apps, or play video, it has Google Playstore. The system has Bluetooth, Wifi and Ethernet ports, and has share applications that allows the user to connect to a PC, tablet or phone wirelessly and play content from any of these devices. It plays HD and 3D video and has all the usual connection ports, 2 x USB, Ethernet, HDMI, AV, Micro SD, S/PDIF.

We collaborate with content providers such as Access Agriculture to bring you 3500 agricultural training videos in over 50 local languages. Plug in the Flash drive, open the app, search, and play content where ever you are. Update with the latest videos whenever you are online.

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