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Technology Without Mains Electricity
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We Solve Real Problems

Our users need a solution that allows them to teach rural communities, schools, or farmers, where there is now electricity or connectivity. Our Kit allows you to teach using video, apps, or documents. It's also rechargeable, flexible, dust proof, and is very portable.
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  • Smart Projector, Remote and Keyboard - use it as a computer, you can type and create documents.

  • Bluetooth Speaker - for large gatherings

  • Power Bank - with 1.5m cable for projector

  • Solar Charger - so you can charge the power bank, phones and other PC's directly.

  • Tripod - place your projector anywhere

  • Lockbox - protective, dust and water proof

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WiFi & Bluetooth, connect tablets, PC's and phones wirelessly. (Airplay and MiraCast)


30,000 Hours Of Lamp Life
Superior Lens Technology DLP LED Smart Projector You Can  Use As An Android Computer

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We Partner With Access Agriculture To Bring You Agricultural Training Videos

  • Access Agriculture is a non-profit organisation that showcases agricultural training videos in local languages.

  • The Access Agriculture Application comes on a USB drive. The projector recognizes the app and allows the extension worker to choose, browse, view, play videos.

  • It also has an automatic update mechanism that allows the user to update the disk with the latest videos provided the system is online.

  • We currently have 2900 training videos in over 35 regional African languages

Our Clients

“We couldn’t have reached such large numbers of farmers without the DCS, especially the projector. The picture is so sharp and projects well, wherever you are,and that has enabled us to train very large community groups of sometimes up to 100 people.”  Musa Taylor, Technical Director IFDC


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